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Planning a Round the World Trip with a Baby

Planning a Round the World Trip with a Baby


It’s 2016 which means we are on the countdown till our Round the World trip with our baby begins in April. And we haven’t booked anything yet.

There are a lot of factors that come into play with bringing an 8-month old out into the world which I'd have never blinked an eye at before. Climate, diseases and geography are just a few that come to mind. I'm currently freaking out about the Zika virus and how we're going to navigate that in Central America.

Because Michael is one of the most-traveled people and is trying to reach his goal of photographing all territories on earth, we are trying to get to those off-the-grid regions as well as having it safe enough to travel with Sia. It’s like two crazy extremes of the travel spectrum.  

Factors we have taken into account:  

  1. SAFETY AND HEALTH FOR THE BABY. Are there hospitals? Is there malaria? How far off-the-grid is it? 
  2. CLIMATE. How cold / hot will it be in each region and can we even brave that with Sia? It will be winter in South America, for example, so we're ruling that continent out. This will also affect luggage, clothing and gear. 
  3.  BUDGET. Luckily an infant flies free aside from extra surcharges so we can still travel generally as we did before. Talk to me in a couple of years.
  4. GEOGRAPHY. How can we create a hub in each region so Michael can go hit his off-the-grid, probably-not-baby-friendly spots without us? For example, leave us in Bora Bora while he goes to Vanuatu. Can we create a satellite city in each region. 
  5. FLIGHT LENGTH. How do we structure our flights so we’re making some distance but not killing ourselves on long flights, burning out or will all be too much for her?
  6. PACE. Obvs we can’t travel the way we used to which was fast, comprehensive and exhausting. What does our pace look like with Sia, and how long in each region so we make the most of each place?
  7.  GEAR How much gear can we physically take and can we leave pieces of luggage in certain hubs if need be? What are the best pieces of travel gear for an infant? What will she need at 8 months?
  8. ACTIVITIES FOR BABY. She will be crawling but not yet walking, or who knows! So how do we take in her developments and activity level into account with our travel? How do we position ourselves to get the most out of travel while keeping her happy and healthy? How much is too much for us?

Let the planning begin!

Do you have any tips for planning world travel with a baby?

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